What's on at Studio Bleus?

Recording STAIN

Recently, STAIN were in the studio to record a bunch of great stuff for upcoming releases. It's always fun having them here. The sessions were fraught with complications due to COVID and floods but we got down some amazing stuff that sounds absolutely huge and real! 

They've already released a single from some recent sessions called "Mighty Fine Day"

I got to perform the song live with them at their Single Launch at OAF Sydney which was a smashing good time!


Downgirl Recording!

After coming to the studio to record their awesome first single "Beauty Queen", Downgirl came back to lay down a bunch of material which i'm totally vibing on! Loving the tunes and the hangs. Live tracking all the beds, powerful and dry drum sounds and fuzzy guitar tones need i say more



The Hawkesbury flooded again! It hasn't been an easy few years at the studio with the floods around here. We are thankfully above the flood line unlike a lot of the residents here in the Hawkesbury so we are definitely grateful for that. Unfortunately, we are affected by the floods because of a poorly planned easement on our neighbours property and failing waterproofing at the rear of our building. This means every time it floods in The Hawkesbury we have to pull up stumps and wait for the water to roll through. It is fixable and it is in the works but it is also expensive. If everything goes to plan everything should be fixed at the end of July 2022.

Flood in settlements

New Baby.

Please welcome the newest addition to the rack. The Empirical Labs Fatso EL7X. We now have some wonderful flavours of outboard compression including 2x 1176LN, DBX 160A, 266, 166, Drawmer 1960 and the Fatso.

Of course the Fatso is not a 1 trick pony, you'll be hearing it on a lot of mixes coming out of the studio.